The Story Behind the Farm

Empowerment Farms was founded in 2020 by Christopher Jeffery, drawing inspiration from the protests in the wake of the murders of Breonna Taylor and David McAtee. At the main protest site at 6th and Jefferson, there was a community garden that had been planted by protestors in the concrete planter boxes that had once contained landscaping. That was the image of empowerment that led to our name. In the midst of great pain and injustice, an act was taken to empower those protesting to feed themselves sustainably, literally feeding change through the movement.

Now our hope is to continue this empowerment by offering high-quality, nutrient-dense microgreens at an accessible price. Not only that, but we also want to empower the community to take control of their lives through microgreens, which can be grown virtually anywhere, and inspire people to take the bold step into starting their own urban farms. Together we can use microgreens on a macro scale to promote lasting change.